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5 Common Things Causing Your Computer To Run Slowly

How much of your time would you be willing to go to waste while struggling with your troublesome computer? Do you often wonder what’s the point of having a computer if it just runs terribly slow? Are continuous pop-ups blocking you from enjoying your everyday browsing on the Internet? Are you afraid of losing your personal data which can be used for criminal purposes?

Full computer help is just a phone call away from you, to remove all the hassle so that you would finally start enjoying your time in front of the PC.

5 Common Things Causing Your Computer To Run Slowly

  • Cluttered start-up services/processes. Usually caused by not running periodic maintenance checks;
  • Malicious software running in the background, taking up most of the system resources that are intended for your Windows and programs to run properly;
  • Corrupted Windows components resulting in constant Windows errors;
  • Broken registries;
  • Having more than one antivirus/optimization programs installed

Most people would just go search on the Internet for the best virus remover and antivirus / computer repair software out there and they would assume they are good to go. When in reality that’s not the complete story.

Every software that has been and will ever be written is very limited in one important aspect – software works on a prewritten code, which basically limits it to work in a certain box. Whether we are talking about tune up computer software, virus removal programs or antivirus protection, this major flaw applies everywhere.

Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to a much more complicated machine such as the human brain. So the best way to be safe and have your computer run at its maximum performance possible is to have an educated technician to look after it on a regular basis.

PC virus removal, for example, is something that almost anyone has to deal with at a certain moment, simply because of the aforementioned flaws of virus protection software. On top of that, if you get infected by spyware, the whole procedure of curing the infection completely is very tricky and requires advanced understanding of the way computers work which not everyone has. Also, every computer is unique, as well as every virus is unique in the way it was designed, thus the number of possible variations is unimaginable, so it’s normal to expect prewritten software to be faulty at times.

The Way We Do Things at VCOM

With our computer virus removal and PC tune up services you can rest assured that any traces of all spyware will be completely gone for good. When we connect remotely our technicians first run an initial computer diagnostic so that we would be familiar with the specifics of your machine. After that we run several scans to locate all of the infections and then we go on to the most crucial step – manually removing viruses that have clustered on your machine.

When we remove the virus infection and your computer is clean as new, we will then proceed with the PC tune up – repairing Windows components (if there are any broken such) optimizing your security protection, start up services, updating all of your hardware drivers.

Once the whole procedure is through, you won’t be able to tell if this is the same computer that you have been using up until now – the performance improvement and vast difference will astonish you.

Check out our  One Year Unlimited Support and get protected and secured for $16.70 per month.


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