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One Year Unlimited Support

Unlimited Remote PC Support (Monthly)

From: $ 18.95 / month and a $ 49.95 sign-up fee

We recommend you the One Year Unlimited Remote PC Support service if you need 24/7 remote technical support for  any technical problems. Initial purchase includes PC performance optimization, virus removal, updates of your devices and drivers, virus protection optimization and network security. We provide you the possibility of installing any new software you have regardless of its developer.

We are familiar with every existing Antivirus software on the market. We have testing environment and we rate the Antivirus software on monthly basis so we can offer you the best solution for our clients.

We manage to explain the problem to you and find solution with no age limitations or computer education. Our team is kind and really patient with people who do not have a lot of knowledge about computers.

One Year Unlimited Remote PC Support Service Includes

  • Virus Removal
  • Basic Computer Diagnostic
  • PC Performance Optimization
  • Internet Browsing Improvement
  • 24/7 Remote Support
  • Discount for multiple devices
  • Anything else software related according to your personal needs


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