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Expert Virus Removal

$ 130.00$ 520.00

Expert Virus Removal is a one-time service for removing virus software from your computer, giving you a quick and easy way of getting your computing life back on track. Of course after an initial diagnostic session, you can choose whether to go ahead and consider the benefits of our yearly support plan. We can consider giving you a discount if you upgrade. As part of fixing your machine, we will also update and optimize your current Antivirus software or substitute it with the official Microsoft Antivirus Service.

To help you improve the performance speed and security of your machine for the future, we can also remove add-ons and tabs from your main browser.

Expert Virus Removal Service Includes

  • Basic Computer Diagnostic
  • PC Performance Optimization
  • Instant Delivery
  • Simplified Payment Process
  • Upgradable


Why not call us for a free consultation? If we can help, then with your agreement, our highly experienced technicians will clean and improve your computer’s security, while you wait. Our screen sharing allows you to watch and monitor what we are doing, and you remain in control at all times.

This removal service also applies to Malware, Spyware and Trojans, which are different types of computer virus.

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