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Which is the best anti-virus software out there?

  • Unfortunately there is not a correct answer to that question. All anti-virus software operate on the same principal (when there is a new virus online that virus is analysed and the anti-virus software gets updated) the problem is that by the time this is done hundreds and thousands of viruses have already flooded the web. Right now all antivirus software provides around 60 – 70 % protection

How do I know my computer is infected with viruses?

  • The best way to be sure about that is to get a diagnostics of your computer. However if you are constantly receiving pop ups when browsing, the programs that you are running crash for no reason or the computer takes longer to boot than usual those are pretty clear indications of infection.

How often should I scan my computer manually for viruses?

  • If you purchase a brand new computer and put an antivirus software on it there is no need to scan the PC manually most AV have integrated scan checks. But here we run into the same problem the automated AV scan may not locate the virus.

How long does it take for you to scan my computer and fix it?

  • Depending on your hardware and the hard drive space you have it could take anywhere from 5 to above 10 hours. If the computer is deeply infected it could take even more, the average timespan is around 7 hours.

How is me giving you access to my computer safe?

We are VCOM a division AVANQUEST we make our goal to provide a complete secure and safe experience to our customers. We use a completely secure method to connect to your computer so the only people that have access to your computer are our certified technicians that make their goal to keep your computer safe.

How many and what tools do you use to fix my PC?

  • Our technicians use a variety of tools to help them pinpoint and remove the problem. But in the end of the day still there is not a program that can replace the person behind the computer in most cases all the major issues needs to be removed manually.

Do you offer installation of peripheral devices?

  • We take a great pride in that particular aspect of our service. There is yet a device that we cannot install, locate the drivers for or help our customers use it successfully whether it is a $5 web cam from an unknown manufacturer or the latest high definition printer on the market there is nothing we cannot set.

How do I know my drivers are outdated?

  • Even if everything is running and you see that the drivers are up to date. The only way to be sure that you are running the latest driver for your hardware is to check that with the manufacturer.

I am using my computer for emails and Skype only, why should I try to make it faster, I’m retired and I’ve got all the time I need?

  • When the computer is slow it means that it is overloaded with tasks which in most cases is caused by something malicious on the computer. When the computer is constantly overloaded due to unwanted software you are actually overloading the hardware which can result into its failing. When the hardware fails you simply have to replace the part and purchase a new one.

Do you install and register third party software?

  • The short answer is yes. There isn’t a software we cannot install or assist you with.

From Current Fix It owners:

If Fix-it provides virus cover and registry cleaning tool, why do I need your premium service?

  • As we mentioned earlier there isn’t a software on the market that can do everything a person can. Think of it this way if there was a program that can take care of everything why do companies all over the world spent millions of dollars each year IT departments.

How come my computer is slow when I’ve bought and installed Fix-it?

  • Fix It is a very good program that provides our customers with a great combination of virus protection and registry cleaning tools. However there are a variety of cases where the problems are out of the scope of Fix It.

Is Fix-it protecting me from malware, adware and spyware?

  • Fix It and all AV software protects you to a certain extend but nothing can protect you 100%. In simple terms you have to think of Fix It like motor oil for your car. You need it and it helps the car to run smoother but every couple of months you need to get your car serviced.